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Supported by a generous grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and Dickinson College, my students and I will encode and catalog the archive's approx. 62,400 pg images, and compile a database to search across its 300+ magazines (spring and summer 2015). In the meantime, use the basic form below to search for holdings by title, pub, or editor. Limited keyword searches are also available; e.g., the search for "stories" displays 31 of the 110 titles. Full-text searching, NLP parsing, and combinations of terms using Boolean operators are not yet functional. [PSB]

The beta release of version 2.0 is now available for testing: . You can also download the full dataset via .

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"I Confess"P[grl, cff]2091922Elizabeth SharpDell
10 Story BookG[adv, grl]4551901Harry Stephen KeelerTen Story
AdventureP[adv]8811910Arthur HoffmanRidgway
Adventures Into The UnknownC[adv, com]1741948Richard HughesAmerican Comics
Air StoriesP[avn, adv]581927J.B. KellyFiction House
Air Wonder StoriesP[sf]111929David LasserStellar
All Around WeeklyD[adv, dn, nw]721909AnonymousFrank Tousey
All Western MagazineP[wst]941931Arthur LawsonDell
All-Sports LibraryD[adv, dn, nw]561905AnonymousWinner Library
Amazing StoriesB[sf]6091926Hugo GernsbackExperimenter
Amazing Stories QuarterlyB[sf]221927Hugo GernsbackExperimenter
Astounding StoriesP[sf]9421930Harry BatesClayton
Basketball StoriesP[sport]11937Malcolm ReissFiction House
Battle StoriesC[adv, com]111952AnonymousFawcett
Bedtime TalesG[adv, grl]241935AnonymousUnknown
Black MaskP[det, mys]3401920Joseph T. ShawPro-Distributors
Blue BookP[var]6131907Donald KennicottStory-Press
Breezy StoriesP[flap, rom]3601915C.S.J. PomeroyYoung
Buffalo Bill StoriesD[adv, dn, nw]9471901AnonymousStreet & Smith
Burten's FolliesG[adv, grl]1441922Joe BurtenBurten
Collier's WeeklyS[var, gen]32241888Norman HapgoodCollier & Son
Complete Love MagazineC[adv, com]341951Aaron and Rose WynAce Magazines
Crime Detective ComicsC[adv, com]321948Edward CroninHillman Periodicals
Deadwood Dick LibraryD[adv, dn, nw]641899AnonymousBeadle & Adams
Detective StoryP[det, mys]10571915Frank E. BlackwellStreet & Smith
Dime Mystery MagazineP[det, wm]1591932Rogers TerrillPopular
Dynamic Science StoriesP[sf]21939Robert O. ErismanWestern
Everybody'sQ[var, gen]3551899Trumbull WhiteRidgway Co.
Exciting WesternP[wst]761940AnonymousThrilling
Famous Fantastic MysteriesP[sf, rp]811939Mary GnaedingerMunsey Co.
Fifteen Western TalesP[wst]1301942AnonymousPopular
Fight ComicsC[adv, com]861940Malcolm ReissFiction House
Fight StoriesP[sport]1061928William H. KofoedFiction House
Flying StoriesP[avn]201928AnonymousMacfadden
Frank Reade LibraryD[adv, dn, nw]1911892AnonymousFrank Tousey
Frontier StoriesP[adv, fron]1601924Harry E. MauleFiction House
Gay Life StoriesG[adv, grl]241939AnonymousConsolidated
Ghost ComicsC[adv, com]111951J.F. ByrneFiction House
Ghost StoriesP[f, sup, cff]641926Harry H. KellerMacfadden
Ginger StoriesP[grl]641928Natalie MessengerKing
Green BookP[thtr]1511909AnonymousStory-Press
Harper'sQ[var, gen]12001850Henry Mills AldenHarper Bros.
Hollywood NightsG[adv, grl]31937AnonymousDetinuer
Hutchinson's StoryP[grl]1251919Erle LunnHutchinson [UK]
Indian StoriesP[adv, wst]31950Jack O'SullivanFiction House
IndiansC[adv, com]171950AnonymousFiction House
Jungle ComicsC[adv, com]1631940Malcolm ReissFiction House
Jungle StoriesP[adv, jung]591938Malcolm ReissFiction House
La PareeG[adv, grl]941930AnonymousIrwin Publishing
Live StoriesP[var]1661913AnonymousStreet & Smith
Love StoryP[rom]11721921Daisy BaconStreet & Smith
Mammoth AdventureP[adv]81946Raymond A. PalmerZiff-Davis
Mammoth MysteryP[mys]111945B.G. DavisZiff-Davis
Masked Rider WesternP[wst]1001934Eugene A. ClancyThrilling
McClure'sQ[var, gen]4441893S.S. McClureMcClure
Merry MagazineP[hum]681924AnonymousAmalgamated [UK]
Munsey'sQ[var, gen]5901889Robert H. DavisMunsey Co.
New LoveP[rom, adv]1261941Peggy GravesPopular Fiction
New StoryP[var]521911A.L. SessionsStreet & Smith
Nick Carter WeeklyD[adv, dn, nw]8191897AnonymousStreet & Smith
Night Life TalesG[adv, grl]241939AnonymousUnknown
North West RomancesP[adv, rom]611937Jack O'SullivanFiction House
Out of this World AdventuresP[sf]21950Donald A. WollheimAvon
People'sP[var]2791906A.L. SessionsStreet & Smith
Pep StoriesG[adv, grl]1421926Natalie MessengerKing; DM Pub.
Planet ComicsC[adv, com]731940Malcolm ReissFiction House
Planet StoriesP[sf]711939Malcolm ReissFiction House
Railroad Man'sP[adv, rail]6921906Freeman HubbardMunsey Co.
Ranch RomancesP[wst, rom]8861924Fanny EllsworthClayton
Red BookS[var, gen]5641903Edwin BalmerStory-Press
RomanceP[var]271919Arthur HoffmanRidgway
Saturday Evening PostS[var, gen]67001821George Horace LorimerCyrus Curtis
Saucy StoriesP[flap, rom]1291916Wyndham MartynInter-Continental
Scribner'sQ[var, gen]6171887Edward L. BurlingameCharles Scribner
Sea StoriesP[adv, sea]1381922H.W. RalstonStreet & Smith
Short StoriesP[var]11141910Harry E. MauleDoubleday
Smith'sM[var, gen]2031905Theodore DreiserStreet & Smith
Snappy MagazineP[grl]1051929AnonymousLowell
Snappy StoriesP[flap, rom]3211912Virginia O'DayNew Fiction
Speed ComicsC[adv, com]111939AnonymousBrookwood
Spicy Adventure StoriesP[adv, grl]1171934Kenneth W. HutchinsonCulture Pub.
Spicy StoriesP[adv, grl]1171928AnonymousDM Pub.
Startling ComicsC[adv, com]531940AnonymousStandard
Startling StoriesP[sf]991939Mort WeisingerBetter
Sweetheart StoriesP[rom]3241925Dorothy F. GrinnellDell
Ten Story WesternP[wst]1941936AnonymousPopular
The All-StoryP[var]4441905Robert H. DavisMunsey Co.
The ArgosyP[var]25771896Matthew White, Jr.Munsey Co.
The Black CatB[var, gen]3161895Herman D. UmbstaetterShortstory Co.
The CavalierP[var]1631908Robert H. DavisMunsey Co.
The PopularP[adv, var]6121903Charles Agnew MacleanStreet & Smith
The Smart SetB[var, gen]3651900H.L. Mencken; G. NathanPro-Distributors
Thrilling AdventuresP[adv, var]1391931J.S. WilliamsMetropolitan
Thrilling ComicsC[adv, com]801940AnonymousStandard
Thrills IncorporatedP[sf]231950Alister InnesTransport [AU]
Tip Top WeeklyD[adv, dn, nw]10171896AnonymousStreet & Smith
Top-NotchP[var, sport]6021910Henry Wilton ThomasStreet & Smith
Two-Gun Western (Novels)P[wst]1001937Bob O. ErismanWestern
War ComicsC[adv, com]41940AnonymousDell
Weird ComicsC[adv, com]201940AnonymousFox Publications
Weird TalesP[f, sup, hor]2791923Farnsworth WrightPopular Fiction
Western Love TrailsC[adv, com]31949Aaron and Rose WynAce Magazines
Western StoryP[wst]12971919Frank BlackwellStreet & Smith
Wide AwakeP[var]131915Gilbert PattenStreet & Smith
Wild West WeeklyD[adv, dn, nw]21181902Ronald OliphantHarry E. Wolff
Wings ComicsC[adv, com]1241940Malcolm ReissFiction House
Wonder StoriesP[sf]661930David LasserStellar
Wonder Stories QuarterlyP[sf]141929David LasserStellar
World FictionP[var, rp]71922Arthur BullardHouston
Young'sB[var, gen]3681897C.S.J. PomeroyC.H. Young

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