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Dime Novels and Nickel Weeklies

Featured below are 8 issues of "dime novels" and "nickel weeklies" published between 1892 and 1922. The titles include Frank Reade Library, Tip Top Weekly, Nick Carter Weekly, Deadwood Dick Library, Buffalo Bill Stories, All-Sports Library, All Around Weekly, and Wild West Weekly. The publishers represented by this group include Street & Smith, Beadle & Adams, The Winner Library Co., Frank Tousey, and Harry E. Wolff. Information listed at the right of each issue includes publication date, year established, publisher, and an estimated total number of issues published. These texts are provided by the Villanova University Digital Library initiative, and licensed to the public under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License.

For information and resources on dime novels, see the Villanova University Digital Library's exhibit.

Frank Reade Library

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September 24, 1892

Frank Reade Library | Est. 1892 | Frank Tousey | Total Issues: 191.

Tip Top Weekly

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June 26, 1897

Tip Top Weekly | Est. 1896 | Street & Smith | Total Issues: 1017.

Nick Carter Weekly

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November 6, 1897

Nick Carter Weekly | Est. 1897 | Street & Smith | Total Issues: 819.

Deadwood Dick Library

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March 15, 1899

Deadwood Dick Library | Est. 1899 | Beadle & Adams | Total Issues: 64.

Buffalo Bill Stories

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May 25, 1901

Buffalo Bill Stories | Est. 1901 | Street & Smith | Total Issues: 947.

All Story Library

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March 11, 1905

All-Sports Library | Est. 1905 | The Winner Library Co. | Total Issues: 56.

All Around Weekly

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December 9, 1910

All Around Weekly | Est. 1909 | Frank Tousey | Total Issues: 72.

Wild West Weekly

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March 3, 1922

Wild West Weekly | Est. 1902 | Harry E. Wolff (1917-1926) | Ed., Ronald Oliphant | Total Issues: 2118.

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